Life Saver!

Dr. Monica is a LIFE SAVER! My baby girl had a pretty bad case of torticollis and the physical therapist her pediatrician referred us to couldn’t get us in for an appointment for 4 months! I knew I couldn’t let my girl suffer for that long as she was really uncomfortable. Dr. Monica was recommended to us by a family member. The pricing was extremely reasonable for the life changing results we were given.

She does really gentle CST work (my baby was 3 months old when we started) and it may not look like she’s doing much to them, but let me tell you, it works! My baby seemed to enjoy it too. After 1 session we began to see much more movement and range of motion in her neck. We did a few more sessions and my baby no longer has any problems with her neck. I honestly can’t thank Dr. Monica enough for what she has done. We will continue to see her when needed and I will recommend her to everyone I know!

– Amber M., Ontario, CA