Pregnancy Care

During pregnancy, the human body goes through many physical, chemical and emotional changes.  Regular consultations with your chiropractor can help reduce or even avoid aches and pains related to your pregnancy.

Pregnancy / Prenatal

Most common pregnancy conditions chiropractic care can address:

  • neck pain
  • lower back aches
  • headaches
  • hip pain
  • sciatica
  • fatigue
  • swelling
  • morning sickness

In addition to helping you ease the strain on your body, it can also serve your growing baby as chiropractic care can reduce stress and anxiety.

Proper spinal alignment can not only reduce aches and pains, but also decrease the time spent in labor and reduce body constraints to allow infants to position properly for delivery.  An aligned pelvis can keep muscles loose and allow the body’s nerves to send important information before and during birth.  Through chiropractic care, we want to help you have the best pregnancy and birth experience possible.


The Webster Technique

One of the most well known used techniques for prenatal care is the Webster Technique. At Merrell Healing arts, Monica Merrell has received a fellowship in the ICPA specializing in pregnancies and pediatrics and is certified in the Webster Technique.

“The Webster Technique is a highly specialized chiropractic technique used to properly align the structural components of the pelvis, balance the musculature of the surrounding areas, and release any tension found within the ligaments surrounding the uterus in order to promote proper fetal positioning and an optimal birthing process. The Webster Technique has helped numerous women avoid unnecessary cesareans due to breech presentations or complications throughout their pregnancy.”

The Webster Technique is a safe and gentle chiropractic technique specifically for pregnant women to align and balance the pelvis. Dr. Larry Webster developed the technique after seeing his daughter go through a painful and difficult breech birth of her own.  Through research and years of successful reporting he was able to develop what is now know as the Webster Technique to address sacral subluxation and to help women in ease of birth.  And in 1986 Dr. Webster founded The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) to teach chiropractors these methods and promote chiropractic care for children.



Birth in most circumstances, whether home or hospital birth, can put a large amount of strain on a young spine.  Since the baby and spine is still in early stages of development, it can become misaligned easily that can result in conditions that are uncomfortable for the new born.

Conditions Spinal adjustment can address:

  • Torticollis (strained neck muscles resulting in head tilt)
  • Colic
  • Poor eating
  • Digestion/ constipation
  • Sleeping habits

Frequently chiropractic can assist in resolving issues such as these and many others.