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Our family has been with this office and great practitioners for many years. They have helped with issues from physical to nutritional, and we send everyone looking for great help to them.

-Liza S., Rancho Cucamonga

Great practitioners

Dr. Scott has to be the most passionate and talented chiropractor I have ever been to. He takes the time to make sure he address’s all of your concerns. He doesn’t just crack your back, he infuses aspects of physical therapy, works on pressure points to ease tension, and tells you exactly what your body is doing. He also shows you exercises to help you when you’re in between visits. I am beyond thankful for his work on my back. He has saved me on numerous occasions from blowing my back and shoulders out.

-Laura V., Rancho Cucamonga

Passionate and talented

Been using Scott for years now and would like to give him and his wife’s location a shout out.
Their address is actually 600 no. Mountain Ave suite B-103 Upland.
Scott puts me back into shape on a fairly regular basis because of the work I do.
Highly recommend Scott and my wife recommends his wife (Monica) as well. You won’t go wrong with either one.

– Steve from Upland

Been seeing Scott for years

I’ve been going to Dr. Monica for years. I can’t say enough good about her.  She’s gentle, intuitive and has helped me with so many various problems.  I have seen Dr. Scott on a couple occasions when Monica was unavailable, he is excellent too. And…I also love Nichole Ventura the message therapist there. I highly recommend all three of them.

– Debbie P., Loma Linda

I highly recommend

Dr. Monica is a LIFE SAVER! My baby girl had a pretty bad case of torticollis and the physical therapist her pediatrician referred us to couldn’t get us in for an appointment for 4 months! I knew I couldn’t let my girl suffer for that long as she was really uncomfortable. Dr. Monica was recommended to us by (more…)

Life Saver!

She is AMAZING!! Have been taking my daughter there since she was 6 months and myself for the last year. She is so intuitive and loves helping people feel better. She is wonderful with kids and so patient. I will gladly recommend Dr Merrell to all!

– Sarah L., CA


This was my first visit here. I have been to many other chiropractic offices but this has been the most thorough and satisfactory experience. Dr. Monica is very attentive and gentle. I am 7 months pregnant with my first baby and I felt very at ease. I left her office feeling relief from what was bothering me. I will definitely be back.

-Melissa A T., Pomona, CA

Attentive and gentle

Dr Merrell is a fantastic Chiro. She worked on me all throughout my pregnancy, ensuring my alignment was optimal and that my baby was healthy. Towards the end, she would work on me to help baby face the correct way for child birth. I had an awesome child birth and my body recovered much faster than the first time I gave birth. I’ve taken my son who was 2 at the time and


Fantastic Chiro